Water purifier ro work process | What is Water purifier filter work

What is Water purifier filter work
What is Water purifier filter work

What is RO complete information ( What Is Water purifier ro )

Reverse Osmosis ( Ro ) is a water purifier or a machine to purify water. Which removes and removes many harmful ions, unwanted molecules and large particles from the water. and makes the water drinkable.

It has some Filter and a Memrin with the help of which it does this work. The water that comes to our homes through the municipality can contain many bacteria and dissolved and suspended chemicals, which are harmful to our body, they can also make us sick.

Ro is most commonly used to filter TDS from water which is present in water in the form of fluoride. RO is a kind of Pressure-Driven Membrane Process whose main purpose is to purify water and make it potable.

While Ro keeps on purifying the water on the one hand, on the other, Wekar keeps on taking the water back out. Due to which a lot of water is also spoiled in it, which is also its biggest disadvantage, but we can use this water for irrigation of potted plants.

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane (synthetic lining) to filter out unwanted molecules present in the water and contaminants such as chlorine, harmful salts and dirt, and larger particles such as sediment. And those micro-organisms which we cannot see with the eyes can also make them out of water.
How water purifier Ro machine works-

How Does Reverse Osmosis Machine Work ?

Friends, till now we have known what is RO Full Form. And what is RO Kya machine but now it has become necessary for us to know how RO works.

Because until we do not know about the method of working of Aro, then our information will remain incomplete.

RO works in the process of osmosis whereby water passes through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution, the purified water passes through a filter to the contaminated water to balance the concentration.

The water coming from the tap in the RO is first delivered to the RO through a small pipe. Which reaches a Filter, here a pipe of two mouths is installed.

It consists of four filters, which are four stages of a filter called a sediment filter, pre-carbon block, reverse osmosis membrane and post-carbon filter.

First the tap water comes into the lower filter where large soil particles and dirt, sand and rust are filtered, after that the water goes to the pre-carbon filter, in which activated carbon is used.

In this, chemical compounds such as chlorine and chloramines attract and bond with positively charged ions to prevent them from passing from the third filter to the second.

After the pre-carbon filter, the water enters the reverse osmosis membrane membrane, which is used to remove heavy molecules such as sodium Na, high levels of lead Pb, dissolved minerals and fluoride, and from here the water enters the post-carbon filter where the water is polished.

What are the benefits of getting Water Purifier RO installed (BENEFITS OF RO)

Prevention of water borne diseases

The biggest advantage of RO is that it protects you and your family from dangerous diseases caused by contaminated water.

Less than 50% of the people in India use pure water, due to which they get many diseases.

There are many types of bacteria and viruses in impure water which are very harmful. RO WATER PURIFIER uses a semipermeable membrane to purify water, which removes bacteria, fungus, germs and viruses present in the water.

It also removes heavy metals from water

Many types of heavy metals are also present in water, which can cause many diseases such as cancer, organ damage, and nervous system damage due to being in water for a long time.

These metals are very dangerous and people who use plain water get deformed in their organs. Water samples of most of the major rivers of India have very high levels of heavy metals like cadmium, copper, iron, lead, zinc and nickel. has been found.

What is of concern is the pre-carbon filter and RO filter inside the RO water purifier to remove these heavy metals and make the water 100% safe to drink.

RO water also increases digestion power.

Pure water contains essential minerals that are very beneficial for the digestion of the human body. It also enhances the digestion process of food, making you feel active and healthy.

Some water purifiers add copper after the purification process, thus offering you water that can also break down fat, improve metabolism and aid digestion.

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