which of the following is not true about naked mole rats?

Naked Mole Rats, which of the following is not true about naked mole rats?

Naked Mole Rats: Myths and Marvels

Naked mole rats are fascinating creatures that have captured the attention of scientists and the public alike. These unique animals live in underground colonies, exhibit unusual social behavior, and possess remarkable longevity. But with all the buzz surrounding naked mole rats, some misconceptions have arisen. Let’s separate fact from fiction and explore the truly remarkable characteristics of these extraordinary creatures.

Myth #1: They are hairless.

While the name suggests a complete absence of hair, naked mole rats do have sparse, fine hair scattered across their bodies. Their skin, however, is loose and wrinkly, contributing to their “naked” appearance.

Myth #2: They are blind.

Naked mole rats have very poor eyesight, but they are not entirely blind. They can detect light and shadows, which helps them navigate their dark tunnels. Their primary senses are touch and smell, which are highly adapted for their subterranean lifestyle.

Myth #3: They are cold-blooded.

Unlike most rodents, naked mole rats are poikilothermic, meaning they cannot regulate their body temperature internally. They rely on external heat sources, such as huddling together in their colony or sharing the warmth generated by the queen mole rat.

Myth #4: They are short-lived.

Contrary to the misconception, naked mole rats are remarkably long-lived. With an average lifespan of 28-30 years, they significantly outlive most other rodents of their size. This longevity is attributed to their low metabolic rate, resistance to cancer, and social structure.

Myth #5: They are all queens.

Naked mole rats live in highly organized colonies with a strict social hierarchy. Only one female in each colony, the queen, is responsible for breeding. All other females are workers or soldiers, performing essential tasks for the colony’s survival.

Myth #6: They are immune to pain.

While their pain sensitivity is reduced compared to other mammals, naked mole rats are not entirely immune to pain. They have lower levels of pain receptors and produce a unique type of pain-killing protein, but they still experience and respond to pain stimuli.

Myth #7: They are aggressive towards humans.

Naked mole rats are primarily social animals and are not naturally aggressive towards humans. However, like any animal, they may bite if they feel threatened or cornered.

The True Marvel of Naked Mole Rats

Naked mole rats are exceptional creatures with fascinating adaptations that have allowed them to thrive in their unique environment. By understanding the facts and debunking the myths, we can appreciate the true marvel of these remarkable animals.

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